100 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

100 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

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Small business ideas with low investment india

Are you thinking of starting a new business? If yes, then you should start with an idea. A good business idea can make or destroy the business. Its always important to think the idea properly before going ahead with anything else for the business.

You can make a selection from a number of options given here.

Skill Based Business Ideas

  1. Personalized and custom made Gift Store

Today, the demand for personalized and custom made gifts is increasing. So you can think of doing business.

  1. Gym or fitness center

Everyone in today’s world is alert for their fitness, so if you open your small gym or fitness center then it can prove to be a good option for business.

  1. Event organizer

One company can start the program which can be a good way of trading. But here you will have to make extra efforts.

  1. Interior designers

The demand for interior designers is nowadays, so starting a business as an interior designer can prove to be a good option. Just need a skilled skill

  1. Small grocery store

It is also a good idea to start a business from a grocery store at a lower level.

  1. Game Parlor

Today’s generation is very interested in playing games, in this way you can make a game parlor as your business.

  1. Tuition class

Education is very important today; hence education related to education can never be closed. You can start your business even from tuition classes.

  1. Mobile shop

Mobile is one of the main requirements of today; its demand is highest, whether it is a city or a village. Investing for a mobile shop can also be a good option for business.

  1. Ice cream parlor

Ice cream parlor can be a good idea to start a business, you can also think about this option.

  1. Xerox and book binding

There is lack of Xerox and Book Binding facility around many colleges and schools. In such a situation, if you start the work of Xerox and Book Binding around these places then it can prove to be very profitable for you.

  1. Mobile Food Shop

Keeping in mind the busy generation of today, it will be a good idea if you start the business of the Mobile Food Shop.

  1. Jewelery maker

As the price of gold rises, the demand for making jewelery increases as well, in which, you can start a business as a jewelery maker too.

  1. Insurance adviser

If you open an insurance consultancy or take any insurance agency it will also prove to be a good option for business.

  1. Freelancer

If you are good at programming then there are many multiple choice websites where you can get a freelance job and you can earn good money.

  1. Book store

By opening the book store, you can start your work; its business is always going on.

  1. Tour guide

This can be a very tempting profession for those who have information about every street of the city, every nook and corner. If your city is the best tourist destination then you can play the role of tourist guides for the tourists.

  1. Computer trainer

If you can give better computer training then you should not wait to make it your business, it can become an answer tool for business.

  1. Yoga Center

In today’s stressful life many people like to go for yoga, so Yoga center can also be a good option for business.

  1. Baby Sitting Services

The women who want to start their own work from home, this option can be better for them. Many working parents need this service.

  1. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate work is always a work to keep, so to advise on real estate and buying, selling, rent etc. you can open a concession which is a better business idea.

  1. Digital studio

These businesses can be started from 50 thousand rupees. Business, sales and repair of computers, UPSs, photo quality printers etc. is a better option.

  1. Videography

Videography business can be started through Handycam or camera. It will cost 30 to 35 thousand rupees to start.

  1. Fast Food Shop

The business of cold drinks, packed food, chips, biscuits, saltettes, ice creams etc. is proving to be more profitable in less money.

  1. Travel agency

Rail-bus reservation and tax book booking within the city are also good profits.

  1. Low Cost Gadget Shop

Youth use all kinds of gadgets. Starting from Rs 50 thousand, this business can also prove to be profitable.

  1. Catering Business

If you are specializing in cooking and all the ingredients of your hand made meal, then make it your business only. There is no shortage of fondness for the festival or the usual amusement. You can take a booking for the party and can provide your catering service

  1. Event planner

This is such a profession, in which you can stay busy for 12 months. Sometimes a festival, sometimes a birthday party, ever becomes an anniversary party. People look for party planners to save their time in time.

  1. Decorating Business

With the passage of November, the planning of Christmas and New Year’s party has begun. These days, not only the markets are decorated, but also the theme is being decorated in the offices and even houses.

  1. Recycling business

Advanced technology and fast pace of growth have increased the need for e-waste management in the country. That’s why the recycling business is currently emerging rapidly.

  1. Eye glasses

If you have vision related knowledge, then there is the option of starting the eyeglasses with some money and entrepreneurial thinking. To facilitate computerized e-testing and facilitate contact with normal frames, contact lenses and sunglasses should also be available to make this business. .

  1. Soft Toy Making:

Soft Toys always has a great demand due to being safe for kids. They are also used to decorate houses. It requires colorful fancy clothes, synthetic cotton, needle thread and other decor items. It can also start with your family or friends.

  1. Candle making

Candles are still widely used in middle and lower class society. In urban areas, there is tremendous demand for floating, aromatic, colorful and decorative candles. Some fancy candles are decorated as decorative pieces

  1. Beauty parlor

With the glamour dominated, the make-up industry has expanded considerably. In your own home, you can start many businesses like Hair Styling, Beauty Therapy and Herbal Beauty care. In many institutions of the country, training related to it is given.

  1. Coaching Business:

Tuition/coaching are ever booming business. It is up to you to decide how to give students the tuition, 9th-10th, 11th-12th or junior class students. One can also opt for running coaching institutes for professional, admission and competitive examinations.

  1. Career counselor

Do you want to build your own floor? Or do you want to do something like that, which satisfies you? 

Some More low Investment Business Ideas

  1. Placement Services

Providing manpower services or manpower to big corporate.

  1. Courier shop

You can think of taking agency for courier company like first flight, DTDC etc.

  1. Seasonal Business

You can start a seasonal business of firecracker, kite, rakhi etc.

  1. Game Parlor

 Kids love playing games and it makes sense to start Game Parlor.

  1. Dressmaking

Dressmaking or tailoring is another home based small scale business idea for a woman.

  1. Flour Mill service

 This could be another good business.

  1. Network Marketing

Today many MLM company gives good business opportunity.

  1. Water Purifier Sale and Service

This is another business idea in household segment.

  1. Knitting Class:

If you have the skills to make knit garments such as croccia or wool, then you can teach it to others.

  1. Social animator

Very few people know about this, but social animators work as a social change agent and encourage people’s participation in the community and self-help.

  1. Taxi Services

 People prefer to avail taxi service by paying premium money.

  1. Dairy or Milk parlor

 Starting dairy is old but yet effective business idea.

  1. SEO Consultant

 With Increase in internet boom, a need of SEO consultant is increased.

  1. Education book Store

Students and book lover always look for books.

  1. Aquarium Business

 It is very good to keep fish tank or aquarium in the home.

  1. Organic Food Service

Providing organic food service is new but innovative business idea.

  1. Provision Store – Opening a provision store in the residential area.


New and Innovative Business Ideas

  • Paper Bags – With growing knowledge of the problems of using plastic bags, there has been a surge in the manufacture and use of paper bags. This increase in market can be used to make a profitable business venture.
  • GOV consultancy – Provide low cost services to existing and prospective Non Governmental Organizations, especially in the interior areas of the country.
  • Nail art salon– A Salon offering various nail art services like nail painting, nail piercing, nail decoration and nail lacquering in addition to services like manicure, pedicure, hand/foot spa, hand/foot massage. This emerging trend is popular among Indian women.
  • Rock Climbing Club – Fitness clubbed with adventure results in rock climbing, there are a lot of people that are fitness freaks and want adventure combined.
  • Retirement Homes – Provide lodging, care and services and cater to the specific needs of your customers and their families.
  • Pest Control – Provide pest control service to households or companies.
  • Personal Chef – These organizations provide personal chefs for parties or events that make made to order food.
  • Uniforms Services- Uniforms can be provided to school, sports teams, to security firms, hospitals and a whole host of other institutions.
  • Translation Services- International commerce is growing fast. Even though many believe English is the world’s language, it is not. Thus, having an agency which provides Translators can be a very profitable organization.
  • Water Jet pumps – Providing water jet pumps for domestic or industrial usage.
  • Design Boutiques – Custom clothing designs and tailoring for your customers
  • Career Counseling – The organization will help clients choose their professional goals through a series of aptitude tests, interviews and discussions for a fee.
  • Car cleaning services – Providing car cleaning services periodically and standardizing and branding it.
  • Building Maintenance – Carry out the cleaning and maintenance operations in offices, houses or institutes.
  • Brochure/Pamphlets Designing & Printing- Many businesses today need brochures/pamphlets for promotions. From restaurants distributing brochures to boost their home delivery business to gyms keeping brochures to explain their pricing. You can design and print brochures/pamphlets for businesses.
  • Breeding Exotic Fishes – These fishes are bred in particular environments with particular food requirements. This is of growing popularity as people now believe that fishes carefully chosen could vary the overall decor of the room.
  • Birds Sales – Pure bred pigeons and cockatiel birds are desired by many as they can be trained easily. This organisation will look into this.
  • Bakery – Bakery business provides a range of products like muffins, doughnuts, cakes, different type of breads etc. These products can be sold at storefront retail to the customers and/or can be sold to shops & hotels as distributors.
  • Antique Shop – Own an antique shop which sells, buys and provides consultancy for antiques. The antique shop could be centric over an era or some articles in particular like jewellery or vases.
  • Ambulances Service – Get into a contract with a hospital or directly set up a service for providing ambulances.
  • Air Compressor Manufacturing – Set up a small scale compressor manufacturing business.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Create a website that promotes other organization’s products or services for a commission.
  • Creative Advertising- Using new techniques for advertising in order to increase client satisfaction like balloons, banners etc.

High Investment Business Ideas

  • Electronic Shop: This option is better for selling essential goods such as fen, heaters, boards, switches, bulbs and CFLs.
  • Travel Agency: Starting travel agency is a very good business idea.
  • DJ Services: Disk jockey service is part-time innovative business idea.
  • Rain water harvesting: It means storing rainwater for future usage,
  • Smartphone sale and repair: You can have training for mobile repairing as it is good business idea.
  • Restaurant: One of the most successful business ideas.
  • Acupuncture Center: With this can cure people and improve their health and fitness.
  • Jewellery Maker: Start your own small business by making jewellery and selling them.
  • Selling on eBay: You can start a business by selling your goods on internet.
  • Woodworking Service: From furniture to birdhouses, you can build a huge variety of items out of wood.
  • Makeup Artist: Work as a makeup artist, welcoming clients to your own space.
  • Garment Shop: If you have knowledge about garments.
  • Money Lending or Venture capitalist Business: Money lending is high risk high return business. According to me this is the best business, but this business requires backup and alternative arrangement to deal with loss of capital or defaulters.
  • Antique Article Shop: Today many people believe that keeping antique statues and article at home is fashion symbol, so opening antique article shop is good business option.
  • Starting online Blog: If you are good at content generation and had good knowledge about any field you can start your online blog and earn good money.
  • Security or Spy Agency: With growing security need you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as spy.
  • Resale Auto Dealer: Many people has requirement of sealing old car or bike you may opt to become good auto dealer.
  • Automotive equipment leasing: Automotive equipment like luxurious cars etc is always in demand.
  • The welding Unit: The second profitable small business idea is establishing a welding unit
  • Match Making: Matchmaking is a simple business that can be started from home. You just need bio-data of unmarried male and female candidate to start this business.
  • Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental: Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental is a business idea that requires massive capital investment.
  • Rice Mill: Rice Mill is one of the most profitable food processing businesses.
  • Plastic Product Manufacturing: Plastic products manufacturing is a low cost profitable business idea. The demand for plastic products like a mug, small container, water storage container and drums are very high.
  • Wood Working: Woodworking or furniture making is very good and profitable business idea. In this business, you need to make customized wooden products based on requirement.
  • Recruitment Firm: Starting recruitment firm is really good business idea. Recruitment firm does not require huge investment. You just need small office space and few contact to start with.

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