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Ask RoboI am 42 years and my current 30K sips for at least 10years. as follows: a> L&T EMERGING BUSINESSES 3000, b> L&T Mid-Cap 2000, c> Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip 5000,
Souran asked 5 months ago
1 Answers
Roboadviso answered 5 months ago

Hi Souran,
Thanks for posting your queries.
L&T Emerging Business fund and L&T Mid Cap funds are managed by same fund manager and it doesn’t makes sense to have two funds in the portfolio which is managed by same fund manager . Both these funds have performed really well in last few years, although they are slightly more volatile. any under performance or wrong stock selection by fund manager or research team  would impact the performance of both these funds therefore we should have only one fund.
You should stop the SIP in L&T Emerging Business fund and start into HDFC Small Cap fund. This will help in fund manager diversification and bring stability in portfolio.
Mirae  asset emerging bluehcip fund is a good fund and you should continue your sips into it.
Happy Investing!

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