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Ask RoboHi, I m 43 yrs professional and for wealth creation planning to invest in 1)mirae asset equity mutual fund 4000rs/month.2)ABSL equity mutual fund 4000rs/month .3)M O M F 35 mf 4000rs/ month.4) Reliance small cap mf 4000rs/month.I m moderate to high risk taker . Time horizon is 15yrs and more . please do advise me regarding this.?
Shripad Marotirao Kondekar asked 9 months ago
1 Answers
Roboadviso answered 9 months ago

Thanks for posting your query.
The funds which you have selected are good funds and have performed very well in last five years.

  • Mirae Asset India equity Fund is a good large cap fund which has consistently provided very good returns in last five years with less volatility when compared to its peers. Its fund manager Mr. Surana has also generated very good alpha in all the funds which he is currently managing. You should continue your SIP in this fund.
  • ABSL Equity is a Multi Cap fund. This fund is consistent in returns and has a very long track record of providing good returns.Mr. Shah Stock selection has paid off well in past and the alpha he has generated in past is great. We should continue our SIP into it.
  • Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multi Cap 35 is a focused fund where in the fund manager will invest only in 35 scripts. This fund has performed really well since its inception three years back. Although the fund is having a concentrated portfolio, its stock selection process has helped the fund to become one of the best funds in Multi Cap category.
  • Reliance Small Cap fund has given phenomenal returns in last few years, but it has come with slightly higher volatility . If you are comfortable with the volatility then you should continue your investments in it or else you can go for Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund which is less volatile and has consistently been performing well in last many years.    

Happy Investing!

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