New Financial Year 2017-18 - Time for Portfolio Analysis!!

New Financial Year 2017-18 – Time for Portfolio Analysis!!

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The New Financial Year of 2017-18 has begun after a very fantastic and dramatic financial year of 2016-17.

In the financial year 2016-17, we saw Sensex moving up by 20% and Equity Funds giving an average return of 30%. Debt Funds gave 9%-10% depending upon the category of fund selected. Real Estate experienced a bad year and saw fall in prices. Gold was flat and didn’t give any upside to investors.

According to us, Financial year 2016-17 was good year for investors of financial assets like Equity and Debt Mutual Funds. But 2017-18 is going to be a  challenging year.

Interest rates have fallen sharply. Bank Fixed Deposit is at 7% and Debt Funds are expected to give 7.5% this year. Equity market is overvalued by 25% and getting extra return from here will be challenging especially when corporate earnings is slow.

The big negative for Equity performance will be new IPOs of securities which will hit the stock market in this financial year. Additional supply of new securities will suck the liquidity which would have gone to old shares otherwise. This will impact the price of existing equity shares.

Despite all the challenging outlook, investors can make good returns if they are prudent, active and are able to control the emotions.

Following will help investors to navigate the financial year 2017-18 with good returns:

  • Asset Allocation – Plan your exposure to Equity, Debt and Real Estate based on your risk profile, time horizon and cash flows
  • Active Management – Look for opportunity in the market. Buy with every fall and do profit booking with every rise
  • Fund Selection – Create a good mix of funds based on the performance, style and pedigree of funds.
  • Control Emotions – Don’t let greed or fear disturb your plan to success. Follow the discipline of investments.
  • Be Aware – Follow the macro fundamentals and development of economy. Keep track of your portfolio

At RoboAdviso, we always try to help investors in making right investment decisions. We have recently launched a new tool Portfolio X-Ray which can help you in analysis of your existing portfolio.

Portfolio X-Ray can help you with following:

  • Correct the Asset Allocation of your portfolio
  • Diversification of mutual funds across strategies, style and size
  • Recommend exit from under performing funds
  • Recommend addition of funds which are expected to do good
  • Recommend profit booking in portfolio if required

Portfolio X-Ray service is absolutely free and 100% client confidentiality is maintained for the information which is shared.

Get your Portfolio X-Ray done now for analysis of your portfolio at the beginning of financial year 2017-18 and get yourself ready for the exciting year ahead.

Click here to visit Portfolio X-Ray of RoboAdviso

Wishing you a happy and Prosperous new financial Year 2017-18!!

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