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How Robo Advisory Can Make Investing Easier for You

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How Robo Advisory Can Make Investing Easier for You


Have you heard of the Robo Advisory investment technique? It is a technique that savvy investors in India are now using to make investing easier and more convenient without sacrificing control over your investments. If you would like to be able to get intuitive investment options that suit your risk profile, then you should consider looking into Robo Advisory investing. As the name suggests, this breakthrough investing technique makes use of a robot that takes the investor’s information and uses that to determine the best investment options for that specific investor.

Easy & Convenient Investing

One of the advantages of using the Robo advisory is that it allows you to make investment decisions from the comfort of your home or office or from wherever you happen to be when you feel the need to invest. It is an online system that gives you investment advice based on your investment profile and based on your indicated level of risk tolerance. Your investment goals and the time horizon that you are working with are also taken into consideration when your profile is assessed by the robot. The aim is to give investors the best investment options possible given their profile, investment goals and funds available for investment. The robo advisory platform takes the investor’s information, does certain calculations, and based on those calculations returns an appropriate investment strategy for the investor.

Once you receive the best possible options, you then get the opportunity to choose which investments you want to pursue and to decide how much you want to invest. You are able to indicate your investment decisions right from your computer screen. From there, all that is required of you is to deposit or transfer the required investment funds and then to allow the robo advisory system to handle everything else.

Because robo advisors are automated, they are able to process information much more quickly than a human financial advisor or investment advisor would be able to. Just as in the case of computers where data can be processed at great speeds, so it is with a robo advisory as well. Within a few minutes of entering an investor’s data into the robo advisory system, the system is able to return intuitive, highly accurate investment suggestions based on the investor’s personal investment style and personal investment preferences.

Also, because it is the investor himself or herself who is entering their investment details into these online Robo Advisory systems, the chances of making errors in data entry are minimized. With a human investment advisor, there is the possibility that errors could occur in entering the correct data due to choosing the incorrect options or due to communication problems between the investor and the investment advisor. For example, an investor may indicate that their investment time horizon is 5 years but the investment advisor makes an error and puts 15 years as the investment horizon instead. This type of error can really affect which investment strategies are chosen as the most suitable for that particular investor. Therefore, Robo Advisory increases the accuracy of investment transactions and decreases the chances of making poor investment decisions due to human error.

Robo Advisory is suitable for busy professionals who want the convenience of being able to invest while on the go. It is also suitable for those who like the benefit of having investment options clearly laid out in order to facilitate the decision making process. With Robo Advisory, investing is easy, convenient and totally within your control. This type of investing strategy is making investment in India very simple and attractive and could change the face of investing.

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