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How Does Robo Adviso Works

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Robo Adviso investment plans are based on an algorithm. The algorithm uses the data provided by the users and then dynamically recommends best portfolio.

The procedure which roboadviso follows is as follows.

Step 1:- Select the mode of investment
  • Lumpsum
  • Monthly Investment [Commonly referred to as Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)]
Step 2:- Users input the following Data
  • Age
  • Corpus which you want to invest
  • Time Horizon of the investment
  • Select the Risk Profile(You can also Check Your risk profile if you want)
Step 3:- Once you have entered all the above data then RoboAdviso creates Portfolio.
Portfolio designed by RoboAdviso has the following Characteristics.
  • On the basis of  Risk profile of the user , Robo Adviso allocates investment corpus to various  asset class available in the market which are expected to perform well.
  • Allocation to various schemes are also recommended. The Schemes are recommended in such a way that they are well diversified. The diversification strategies which RoboAdviso follows are as follows.
    • Institute Diversification
    • Fund Manager Diversification
    • Low Cost Products [Schemes have min AUM of Rs. 1000 Cr]
    • Investment Strategies [i.e Large Cap, Mid Cap , Multi Cap, Hybrid , Short term , Ultra Short Term]
  • All the Schemes recommended by RoboAdviso have performed consistently well in past few years.
  • RoboAdviso also shows what  returns  we can expect from the portfolio. projected
Portfolio’s designed by RoboAdviso have been tried and tested for past few years and it is already being followed by many High Net Worth Individual clients of Alpha Capital.
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