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Celebrating International Women’s Day – 8th March 2016

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RoboAdviso Wants to Celebrate the Woman in your Life — Post Her a Special Surprise!


8th March, 2016 is International Women’s Day and we want to make it special for the most important Woman in your life.

Tell us who is the most important Woman (Mom/ Wife/ Sister/ Daughter/ Girl Friend/ Anyone Else) in your life and why she is the most awesome woman  and we’ll make her Women’s Day a little extra awesome.

After all, life for all of us would not have been same without that special Woman in our life. So we really ought to be thanking all the Women!

Rules to enter

You’ve got until 6 pm IST of March 7th 2016 to post the following in Twitter/ Facebook/ Linkedin page of RoboAdviso:

I love @roboadviso, but I love my _________ even more because_________________

Tell us why the Special Woman of your life deserves to be one of the three awesome Woman whom team RoboAdviso chooses as the winner.

We’ll get in touch with you for her mailing address and then send a surprise shipment of of personalized Women’s Day goods just for her.

We’ll ask you what she loves (Chocolates, Flowers, balloons shaped like teddy bears etc) and do our best to make it so.

Good luck, everyone! We’ll notify the winners by March 7 at 11 pm IST. 

Remember: you must start your post with “I love @RoboAdviso, but I love my _______ even more because__________” to qualify.


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  1. Its Women’s Day and hence, its time to appreciate all the beautiful women in my life, who are primarily responsible for who I am today. There are many such ladies, but I’d like to thank the 3 most important women in my life…

    First, my mom. Yea, this is no surprise…. She’s the one who got me in this world and she’s the one who’s played a major role in sculpting my character. She’s the one who is primarily responsible for the principles I follow and for the person that I am. We look quite alike, and when people say we look like xerox copies, I love to reply back saying “Yea, I know I’ll look gorgeous even when I am in the wrong side of 40”. Words can really not describe what she means to me and and the more I try to put it in words, the more I’ll end up making a mess of it all ….

    The second, my maternal Grandmom. She’s one strong lady and made sure all her grand-daughters became just as strong. Her philosophy for any woman “be able to earn and fend for yourself, but, don’t ever neglect your family” is very deeply ingrained in me. It is responsible for making me so conscious of my career, and yet, it has kept me so very detached from it. It has ensured that I know more than one skill to earn a livelihood, and yet, it never let me deviate from following my dreams. And most importantly, she made me realize that I have an identity which is not associated with my family name, but which is associated with the person that I am. Nani, I know I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with you of late, but that in no way means that I don’t love you any less.

    Finally, the person I consider my spiritual guru. I was pushed (literally blackmailed) to meet her by her son (who is a good friend of mine) at a time when I was going through what people of my age call “quarter life crisis”. I never regretted that “push”. She’s helped me grow spiritually; taught me the “never-say-die attitude”; taught me to give it my best shot, even if I knew I was fighting a losing battle and finally to be detached from failure and to look at it very objectively and then to move on. She’s someone I consider my second mother (sorry future-mom-in-law, you’ll be the third mother in my life) and someone who introduces me to her family and friends as “We got to know Aditi through our son, but now, she’s our daughter since we dont have any”. Everytime she says that, I send a small prayer of thanks to God for sending her in my life. Everyone has one mother who shapes him/her, I have two 😀 (I cant help gloating … Excuse me)

    Apart from these 3 women, a lot of others have made me what I am. They are my aunts, my cousin sisters, my nieces, my close friends, friends, acquaintances, family friends ….. Each one of them is unique in their own, each one of them has taught me something and each one of them is very special to me. Here’s wishing all of them “Happy Women’s Day”…


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