Financial Planning
Term Insurance – Factors to Consider while buying one
 21st August, 2018 Financial Planning  1
A large percentage of the populous in India do not have insurance. This is a worrisome situation. What is more worrying is the fact that...
How to choose a Financial Advisor
 8th August, 2018 Financial Planning  1
Many financial distributors, agents, and banks often refer to themselves and brand themselves as financial planners or advisors. They may also liberally define their expertise...
How to save money for travel/vacation with good short term-investment options!
 30th July, 2018 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
One of the major factors which helps determine whether or not one ends up enjoying a vacation is the manner in which the funds for...
How to create an Emergency Fund Corpus via Mutual Fund Investments
 19th July, 2018 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
One of the most important aspects of sound financial planning is setting aside expenses for 3 to 6 months for emergencies. One of the easiest...
The importance of reviewing your Financial Portfolio
 29th June, 2018 Financial Planning  0
The investment portfolio of a person helps him/her achieve his/her financial targets and life goals. It is therefore vital for every investor to periodically review,...
Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana – How it can help Senior Citizens get fixed income!
 23rd May, 2018 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
With the PMVVY or the Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana scheme offered by the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India), seniors citizens have the option...
Joint Investment Options with spouse for a better financial future
 18th May, 2018 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Investing in the correct areas can be a rather difficult process when one does it all on their own. However, the presence of a partner...
How to Invest in Mutual Funds for Minors?
 15th March, 2018 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Mutual Funds Minor
Can Minors invest in Mutual Funds? Most parents usually invest some money in mutual funds or other kinds of investment options in the names of...
How to Inculcate Good Financial Habits in Children – 5 Important Habits
 16th December, 2017 Asset Allocation,Financial Planning  0
Kids can often be quite a pain to handle, but parents who ignore their children must know that doing so can harm their future finances....
6 Important Mistakes to Avoid while Planning For Your Retirement
 2nd December, 2017 Financial Planning  0
Financial experts recommend that people should begin planning for retirement savings from the first day of their first job. Most individuals however regard saving for...
Portfolio Rebalancing – Things you need to know
 2nd December, 2017 Asset Allocation,Financial Planning  0
Portfolio rebalancing
Listed below are some tips that you need to know about Portfolio Rebalancing: Rebalancing of portfolio refers to the process of changing the weightages of...
Is National Pension System (NPS) a Good Investment Option? Truth – NPS is a Bad Investment
 24th November, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds Rating  0
NPS Good or Bad
All the commercials about varied financial products are aired/printed with a disclaimer which asks investors to carefully read all the offer documents before putting their...
Impact of Low Inflation on Capital Gain Tax from Investments
 22nd November, 2017 Financial Planning  0
Capital gain indexation tax
We often consider it to be good news when prices increase at a slower rate. However, it may not be such a good thing if...
Financial Planning for People Reaching their 40s – Time for Action
 20th November, 2017 Financial Planning  0
As one approaches 40 years of age, it is vital to check your finances. You will get all sorts of advice such as begin investing...
How to Check if you have Adequate Insurance Cover – Don’t be Underinsured
 14th November, 2017 Financial Planning  0
Uninsured underinsured india
Insurance is needed by people for protection against different kinds of unforeseen events in life, including risk of early death, risk of a long life,...
Shares or Mutual Funds – Which is Better as an Investment Tool
 13th November, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
direct equity vs mutual funds
One of the main things that an investor checks while making investments is the level of returns on offer. Higher the return, the more attractive...
Benefits of Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) Mutual Funds – Tax Saving Investment
 5th November, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Benefits of ELSS Mutual fund tax saving
ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Schemes are also known as tax saving mutual funds. Beginning from 20th June 2016, they have had quite a good...
Little Known Benefits of Health Insurance – Get Updated
 24th October, 2017 Financial Planning  0
unknown benefits of health insurance
There are several benefits that health insurance policies offer to customers. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of these benefits. For example, the father...
Should I Choose Dividend Reinvestment Option in Mutual Funds?
 20th October, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Some people like the thought of booking regular profits on their investments in mutual funds. As these investors do not seek regular income from such...
What happens if you Stop SIP in Mutual Funds. Is it a Right Decision?
 17th October, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
SIP Stop Dont Mutual Fund
In the past few months, lakhs of people have invested in mutual funds via the SIP or systematic investment plans. There has been a rapid...
Why You Should Park Your Money in Liquid Funds Instead of Savings Bank Account
 9th October, 2017 Financial Planning,Mutual Funds  0
Saving bank account liquid fund
The rate of interest on savings account deposits in banks has dipped by 50 basis points and is now 3.5 percent. Hence, may financial experts...