Why Rupee is falling more, compared to other currencies
 10th November, 2018 Economy  0
According to economic theory, the currency of a country becomes costlier, i.e., it increases as compared to the currencies of other nations, in accordance with...
One Year of GST in India – How have we done as an economy?
 6th July, 2018 Economy  0
The GST or the goods and services tax was launched on 1st of July, 2017. It has completed one year. The new taxation system was...
What happens if Rupee falls to 70 per US Dollar?
 26th May, 2018 Economy,Interesting Articles  0
The constant thought that is percolating the minds of all investors and financial experts is what will happen if the rupee pegs at INR 70...
Digital Wallets in India – All You need to Know
 28th March, 2018 Economy  0
Digital wallets in India
Despite all the efforts of central government to create a cashless economy, India still remains a predominantly cash economy. However, one of the major industries...
All is Not Well in India – We need to Wake Up Now
 15th November, 2017 Economy  0
India wealth pyramid
All is Not Well In India! As per the latest Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report of 2017, approx 92.3% of adult population of India have...
Demonetisation has been a Huge Success – A Game Changer – An Unbiased Opinion
 5th November, 2017 Economy  1
Demonetisation impact positive or negative
Demonetisation has been one of the most controversial event of Independent India which has been executed by Government. The citizens are divided in their opinion...
Stock Market is Down? Should you continue Investing in Equity Mutual Funds?
 4th October, 2017 Economy,Mutual Funds  0
Stock market down invest mutual funds
Over the past few weeks the BSE Sensex and the Nifty 50 had almost touched their record highs. The Sensex nearly reached staggering levels of...
Heat Map of Indian Stock Market – How is Market Under or Fairly Valued from anywhere?
 4th August, 2017 Economy  0
These days, leading newspaper and journals are carrying interview of top fund and portfolio managers for their view on Equity  Market Valuation. Lots of Managers...
Moody’s downgrade China’s credit rating – Impact on India. Does India gets an edge?
 29th May, 2017 Economy  0
China Credit Rating Moody Impact India
On May 24, 2017, Moody's Investors Service downgraded the credit rating of China due to the country’s slow growth and increasing debt. In technical terms,...
Impact of GST on Economy, Investments, Mutual Funds, Stock Market and Real Estate
 25th May, 2017 Economy  1
Impact of GST on economy, mutual funds, stock market, real estate
The biggest tax reform of India, i.e., the GST or Goods and Services Tax, will become a reality from 1st July 2017. All of us...
Equity Market is Highly Overvalued – Book Profit Now!
Sensex closed at a record high of 29910 on 3rd April, 2017. The time has come for some profit booking and rebalancing of overall portfolio....
100 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment
 15th March, 2017 Economy  2
Are you thinking of starting a new business? If yes, then you should start with an idea. A good business idea can make or destroy the...
Impact of Union Budget 2017 on Mutual Funds, Real Estate and Investment
 2nd February, 2017 Economy  1
The finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017-18, with impetus on prompting digital economy and affordable housing. He also ensured that equity oriented...
Demonetization – Is it Good, Bad or Ugly for India?
 25th December, 2016 Economy  0
Demonetization is not a new concept in India. It has been done in the past but not in such a large scale. For example, the...
15 Impacts of Demonetization on Economy, Investment & Mutual Fund
 13th November, 2016 Economy  4
The demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 bank notes, was a sudden and swift process that took the nation by surprise. In a move...
Inflation in the Housing Market – Time to Plan & Invest
 16th September, 2016 Asset Allocation,Economy,Financial Planning  0
We had talked about escalating inflation in the education and medical sector in earlier weeks. Today, let us discuss how the residential market is fraught with...
DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity Fund – Rating & Review – Sell
 8th September, 2016 Economy,Mutual Funds,Mutual Funds Rating  2
DSP Blackrock Top 100 Equity Fund is a large-cap equity fund, launched on March 10, 2003. Let us know more about the fund, whether we...
Unified Payments Interface (UPI) – Making India Cashless Economy
 4th September, 2016 Economy  0
The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is poised to spearhead the nation’s quest to become a cashless economy. It is hailed as the biggest development in...
Why CPI is not a true indicator of actual Inflation
 22nd August, 2016 Asset Allocation,Economy,Financial Planning  0
Last month (July, 2016), inflation rose by 6.7 percent as a reflection on high food prices. Financial analysts do not expect the price rise to...
Want to fund your Startup? Here are top 10 ways to do it!
 23rd March, 2016 Economy  0
Want to fund your startup? Here are top 10 ways to do it! If you are a startup looking for sources to fund your business,...
Indian Union Budget 2016-17 : Perspective
 29th February, 2016 Economy  0
Finance Minister proposes Budget 2016-17 : Perspective The finance budget proposed today (29th Feb 2016) has met with mixed reviews from people belonging to different...