Best 5 Books on Investments - Must Read For Everyone

Best 5 Books on Investments – Must Read For Everyone

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The smartest way to become wealthy is investing in the right financial products.  Though the Internet has a plethora of investment tips, books are your definitive guide to handhold you right from the basics to the detailed.

Here are some of the best 5 books on investment; these are books that not only empower you with the right investment practices, but also discuss key strategies for financial planning and handy tips to recognize dubious products that do not add any value to your investment goals. 

5 Best Books on Investment

  • The Intelligent Investor This is hailed as a classic in the world of value-based investment. First published in 1949, the book by Benjamin Graham (father of ‘value investing) contains time-tested principles on sound stock picks. The world’s best known investor  Warren Buffett credits the book ‘Intelligent Investor’ as, ‘By far, the best book  on investing ever written’.


  • The Warren Buffett Way – Written by Robert Hagstrom, the book is a detailed look into the principles of value investing as practiced by Warren Buffett.  Some of the topics include buying businesses with excellent long-term prospects, having the capacity of high return on investment capital and being led by honest managers. The book was first published in 1994, but was republished again in 2004 with an expanded version.


  • Stocks for the Long Run – Written by Jeremy Siegel, the first edition was released in 1994, while the fifth one came out in 2017. The writer is a finance professor at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. The book, as you rightly guessed, advocates the benefits of staying invested on a long-term. He states that equities surpass all other forms of investments when it comes to returns. The ‘Washington Post’ calls it one of the 10 best investment books of all time.


  • One Up On Wall Street – Published in 2000 and written by legendary investor Peter Lynch, the book is a go-to primer for stock investing.  It delves into the mind of a successful investor and gives valuable tips to beginners and experts on equity investing.


  • Dream Big – Since the Indian investment landscape is relatively different than the US market, it makes prudent sense to read investment and money management books that relate to Indian investors.  One of the top picks is ‘Dream Big’ written by Dr. Mukesh Jindal, and Arunraj VS. The endeavor of this book is to make every Indian rich.  It bestows every reader with rich and applicable financial knowledge in a simplistic manner.  The book is full of vital nutrients that can build one’s financial health.  Right from smart investment strategies to legacy planning, Dream Big is a go-to-book for anyone who is serious about protecting and building his or her financial future.

Dream Big – Best book on Mutual Fund Investment to Grow Rich

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