5 Best ULIP Insurance Investments in India for 2018

5 Best ULIP Insurance Investments in India for 2018

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top ulip insurance policy for 2018

ULIP refers to unit linked insurance plan. It is a product linked to the market which offers both life cover and investment option. There are a wide variety of ULIP insurance companies available in the market. Investors need to consider a variety of factors before opting for a specific ULIP. You have to make the investment as per your risk tolerance, financial goal, and the tenure of investment. The fund option is selected by the policyholder in any ULIP plan.

Presented below is a list of the 5 best ULIP investments in India.

  1. HDFC Standard Life: Balanced Fund Life Super II

The ULIP plans offered by HDFC can be termed as a mix of protection plan and investment. The sum invested in ULIP plans is subject to market risks. Investors can put in their monies in varied fund options provided by ULIP investment plans as per their financial desires and appetite for risk.

A really popular ULIP fund option product offered by HDFC Life Insurance is the Balanced fund life super II ULIP plan. The total value of this fund is payable when the ULIP policy attains maturity.

A few ULIP products of HDFC Standard Life are HDFC SL Crest, HDFC Life Click2Invest Plan, HDFC Life Capital Shield, and HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus.

The Balanced Fund Life Super II as well as the other ULIP plans of HDFC Standard Life allows the distribution of the investors’ assets into different funds. People who are postulating about making an investment in a ULIP policy should definitely check out this HDFC ULIP fund as it offers a high return on investment/ROI. In the last financial year, the ROI of this fund was nearly 22 percent.


  1. Future Generali Life-Future Dynamic Growth Fund

People who are looking to make an investment in ULIPs should have a look at the Future Dynamic Growth Fund as it is one of the best products in the market. Individuals who already have investments in another product of the Future Generali Group, but are looking to make another fresh investment, should also check out the Future Dynamic Growth Fund. This ULIP invests most of its fund in equities and hence it has a fairly high risk profile. It may however be noted that the rate of return for this ULIP is also high. The rate of return offered by the Future Dynamic Growth Fund for the last financial year was over 21 percent. The ULIPs of Future Generali offer life insurance coverage along with the gains of market-linked returns.

A few ULIP products of Future Generali are Future Generali Wealth protect plus, Future Generali Easy Invest online Plan, Future Generali Bima Gain, Future Generali Dhan Vriddhi, Future Generali Pramukh Nivesh ULIP, and Future Generali Bima Advantage Plus

These plans assist investors in achieving their financial goals and are a great tool for building wealth. This may occur in the long term or the medium term. In case of the unfortunate demise of the policyholder, the sum assured or the market price of the investment, whichever is higher, is paid out to the person named as the beneficiary of the ULIP policy.

If the policyholder survives and the plan matures then the value of the fund is paid to the ULIP policy holder.


  1. Bajaj Allianz Life – Asset Allocation Pension Fund

The different ULIP products of Bajaj Allianz allow the insured person to have the chance to create wealth for the coming years. Some of the distinctive features offered by the Asset Allocation Pension Fund ULIP plan include payment frequency choice, switching and redirection of monies, and flexible allocation of the monies, etc. Investors can check out from the numerous types of ULIP funds provided by Bajaj Allianz and invest in the plan that best suits their risk appetite and their financial goals.

A few ULIP products of Bajaj Allianz are Fortune Gain, Future Gain, Retire Rich, and Principal gain.

Individuals who are think and planning for a life after retirement should put in their monies in the Bajaj Allianz Retire Rich Plan. This ULIP plan offers death and vesting benefits that are guaranteed as well as different options for payment of premium. The policyholder also gets the flexibility for payment of top-up premium. This ULIP fund will allow investors with high risk appetite to accumulate a large corpus for the period post retirement.

The Asset Allocation Pension Fund offered by Bajaj Allianz is known for its high return on investment. The rate of return offered by this ULIP fund for the last financial year was over 20 percent.


  1. Canara HSBC Life Unit Linked Whole Life Plan – Balanced Fund

Any policyholder of the ULIP products offered by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life will simultaneously get the joint benefits of market-linked profits and life coverage protection.

A few ULIP products of Canara HSBC Life Insurance are Platinum Plus Plan, Dream Smart Plan, Smart Lifelong Plan, and Grow Smart Plan.

Individuals who have put in their monies in HSBC OBC Life ULIP and are expecting a high rate of return on their investment must also check out Canara HSBC Life Unit Linked Whole Life Plan-Balanced Fund and invest in that fund as well. This ULIP has shown a good steady performance over the last few years. The rate of return for the last financial year by this fund was nearly 22 percent.


  1. Kotak Ace- Balanced Fund

Kotak Mahindra Life also offers the dual benefit of life insurance and market-linked gains. A part of the amount paid by the policyholder as premium is used by this fund as investment in different fund options. Investors can put in their monies in different ULIP plans of Kotak Mahindra Life as per their needs, suitability, and choice.

A few ULIP products of Kotak Mahindra Life are Kotak Ace Investment, Kotak Single Invest Advantage, Kotak Single Invest Plus, Kotak Wealth Insurance, Kotak Invest Maxima, and Kotak Platinum

Individuals who have decided that investing in a ULIP fund offered by Kotak Mahindra is best suited to their financial aims should put in a large chunk of that investment in the Kotak Ace – balanced fund. This ULIP is known for its high rate of return on investment. The return rate for the last financial year for this fund was more than 20 percent.


The rate of return on varied investments in the future is dependent on the manner in which you have planned your investment. Since ULIPs offer the opportunity to make market-linked profits on the investments, it is very important for investors to time the market. ULIP funds also offer income tax relief and life insurance and hence are a great instrument of investment. There are many different kinds of fund options provided by ULIP investments and they range from bonds to equities. Investors need to strategize a well-thought out investment plan that is based on market research and suits their risk profile so as to be able to get a higher return on investments.


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