5 Best Investment Book for Beginners - Must Read

5 Best Investment Book for Beginners – Must Read

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One of the most important decisions one takes in life is investing in the right financial products.  If you want money to the least of your worries, then it is imperative that you invest in the right set of wealth building products. It makes prudent sense to read on books that handhold in such a manner that you take bold and informed decisions about where you’d like to put your money in, to create a secure, sound future.

Here are the 5 best investment books for beginners

  • The Intelligent Investor – Known as the classic in the sphere of ‘value based investing’  ‘The Intelligent Investor’ written by Benjamin Graham and published in 1949 contains a wealth of information on sound stock picks. The information is laid out in a lucid manner and the tips that Graham has given in his book have stood the test of time, so much that they are widely acknowledge as the base of wealth building strategies. Warren Buffett calls it ‘the best book on investment ever written’.

  • Common Sense on Mutual Funds – Published in 1999, this book written by John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group ) has a very rating in investment community.  It tells in an uncompromising manner as to why mutual funds are the best form of investment to create wealth and plan for retirement.

  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Princeton professor Burton Malkiel simplifies the rules of investing to a great extent with a winner of a book, first published in 1973. The book makes almost sacrilegious comparisons between Wall Street and monkey throwing darts. In the book, he explains the difficulty of predicting stock prices and focusses on aspects of investing in different stages of life.

  • Stocks for the Long Run The Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel wrote and published this book first in the year 1994. The book’s message, true to its title, extols the importance of investing on a long-term.  The easy-to-read book contains splendid insights based on more than 200 years of analytical study on stock and bond returns. Even in the fifth edition in 2017, the book continues to remain contemporary.

  • Dream Big Written by Dr. Mukesh Jindal and Arunraj VS, this lucid but compelling read is a guide to personal finance, tailored especially for Indian audiences. With an insight on the life of a driver Vaibhav, who becomes wealth enough to buy a Mercedes, Dream Big shows how one’s socio-economic background is no barrier to wealth building, provided one is willing to have an open mind. The book provides the right guidance and explains key financial concepts and shares smart investment strategies for anyone who is willing to put them into action.

Dream Big – Best book on Mutual Fund Investment to Grow Rich

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